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Unique and Sustainable Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We’re full of ideas on how you can make Valentine's (or Galentine's!) unique, sustainable and filled with creativity. You can make your friends, loved ones and yourself feel special while steering away from commodity-drenched clichés. 

If you're not sure what to get and would rather leave the choice to someone else, make your life easier (and theirs more creative) with a gift voucher. Because last-minute can be thoughtful too, give the gift of making this Valentine's Day. 

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Giving flowers

Intricately arranged bouquets of flowers are undoubtedly beautiful, but what’s not so beautiful is the ecological footprint of the flowers that are cut and used with such a short cycle and harsh agricultural chemicals.

This year, opt for a living plant with roots and a longer lifespan that’ll be a lasting symbol of your unwavering love. You’ll be helping keep pollution to a minimum while your recipient will be reaping all the biophilic benefits that household greenery offers.

Make A Terrarium

Terrariums are an excellent example of a unique way to give and keep plants. Make your own to gift to someone special, or give them a terrarium making kit so that they’ll get both a luscious plant and a new skill. 

Household Jar Terrarium


Make a Cyclamen Kokedama

A kokedama is also a great way to give someone flowers. They’re more sustainable than a bouquet and more fun compared to a potted plant. But if you’re thinking of giving some flowers in a pot, why not opt for a macrame plant hanger to make your gift stand out? Give a plant hanger course and kit for a unique spin on the usual gifting of flowers.

Romantic Dinner

Create a Middle Eastern Feast

Not sure where to go for that special dinner? Can’t decide what to cook? We’ve got you covered! (Or at least Sabrina Ghayour does.) Get this tutorial from the influential Persiana cook and author and impress your date with a mouth-watering 3 course Middle Eastern Feast. You can also opt to make this meal with someone else for a fun and creative date night idea. 

Create a middle eastern feast

Make a Sourdough Loaf

If you want to go a little simpler (but not too simple), you can opt for a charcuterie board, complete with your own homemade sourdough bread. Nothing’s better than a freshly baked loaf and a platter of spreads and goodies along with some fine wine, especially when that sourdough loaf is made with your own two hands. Buy the course and kit now so that by the time Valentine’s Day comes around, your dough will be ready to be baked and ready to impress. 

Make a rolled beeswax candle

Add some extra romance with a few hand-rolled beeswax candles to take your dinner setting to that extra mile.

Gifting Ideas

Make a Rope Knot Necklace

Jewellery is always a winner, but not everyone is the tiny-gold-chain type of person. If you or your giftee have a knack for standing out, this Make a Rope Knot Necklace Course + Kit by Sian McLachlan of Shoorah Shoorah is the perfect gift. As featured in the Guardian’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide, get a striking statement necklace that will garner tons of compliments as well as the skills to continue creating these colourful masterpieces. 


Make a Macrame Eye-Spy Wall Hanging

If jewellery isn’t really your thing but using rope in creative ways is something that sounds appealing, try a Macrame Eye-Spy Wall Hanging, as taught and provided by Katie Mitchell of By-Me Katie. A gorgeous piece of art that suits any wall, make it ahead of time and give them the finished product or give the course and kit so that they’ll be able to learn how to make it themselves. 


Make a Decorative Woven Basket

Beyond rope, you can also weave with lapping cane. Get them the Make a Decorative Woven Basket Course and Kit and they’ll receive the skills required to weave with natural materials as well as the materials to end up with the perfect little piece of decor. 


Learn to How to Draw

Other great gift ideas include our popular Learn to Draw Course and Kit with reputed artist and teacher Jake Spicer. Get the items that Jake recommends plus his comprehensive tutorial on how to get started with drawing, all packaged neatly into a very giftable kit. 


Sew a Cushion Cover

For those who are just starting to learn how to sew, our sustainable kits for making a cushion cover come with high-quality offcut fabric and easy-to-follow instructions with seasoned seamstress Barley Massey. Opt for the Hiut Denim kit and you’ll be giving something even better than a pair of quality jeans because it’s one-size-fits-all. 

Gift wrapping and cards

Make a self-closing wrapper

If you’re thinking about gifting a book or book-shaped things, this self-closing wrapper is a clever and useful device that keeps items intact for longer while doubling as unique gift wrapping. Get the course for free and learn how to make one today.


Make a Gift Envelope

Jane Mean is a gift-wrapping queen, and she’ll show you how to make a gift envelope to house anything from socks to gift cards. 

Looking for more inspiration? Discover our Course and Kits and find the ideal sustainable gift for everyone.