Close-up of a variety of drawing pencils places head-up in a glass.
The beginnings of a pencil drawing of a banana.
Top view of drawing pad, whilst Jake Spicer draws using a pencil.
A pencil drawing of the profile of a person.

Learn how to draw: Online Course

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  • Level: Easy
  • Make in 1-2 Hours
  • Price: Under £20
  • Type: Online Course Only

Learn to draw the fun and easy way, with expert step-by-step tuition, and everything you need delivered to your door.

Need materials? You can also purchase a Learn how to draw kit, or a Learn how to draw Luxe kit along with this course.

Learn how to draw with artist Jake Spicer. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this video course will teach you fundamental drawing techniques and how to let go of your inhibitions, so you can put pencil to paper with confidence.

With unlimited access 24/7, you’ll be able to drop in and out of the course at your own pace, and refer back to it anytime. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create continuous line drawings
  • Blind contour
  • Understand and draw negative spaces
  • Work with tonal scale
  • Use hatching and cross hatching
  • Create subtractive tonal drawings
  • Bring all the exercises together to create a linear and tonal drawing

Through 45 minutes of video tutorials and practical exercises, Jake makes it fun and easy for both adults and kids to learn how to draw at home.

This course is ideal for beginners, and for anyone looking to improve their skills or increase their confidence and only costs £4.99 for unlimited access. Why not try our free course taster: Learn how to draw by observation, to help you decide if this is the right course for you.

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How is this drawing course taught?

Learn various drawing techniques and understand the fundamentals of how to draw in detailed video lessons, available to access online via My Courses.


Subtitles are included in each video for this course.

What else do I need?

You'll need some good drawing pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a drawing pad or sketchbook.

How do I gift this course?

Select "Yes" under "Is this a gift?". Once purchased, you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to enrol which you can either email directly to the recipient or print out, to be given in person.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Traci Browne
Great instructor for a beginner course...makes you believe it's simple

Jake Spicer is brilliant. I just started getting back into drawing and his process is brilliant. He makes every step so understandable and basic that you don't even notice you're actually drawing pretty well. He takes the fear or the "I'll never be able to do that" thinking out of the equation.

Ester De Pina
Easy to follow

I bought this course before the Covid-19 and didn’t have the opportunity to try. Now, August 2020 I’m determined to follow this lovely well explained course.

Sophie Skarbek-Borowska
Simple approach, easy to follow

The beginner drawing techniques are well explained and the short format (5-10 mins) works nicely for the screen. Basic materials needed, nothing fancy or expensive. I'd love to see more drawing classes on Yodomo.

Stefania Maesano

It is a good idea to spend some quality time with this course or any other course from Yodomo. I like their idea about how to “spread”manual skills.... I for example didn’t know that I have the gift of drawing and I’m looking forward to spend my Christmas to develop my creativity. Very easy to understand the lessons and I love that I can do it at my own step and I can always return to the lessons and do it again. Well done Yodomo

David Martin
Learn to draw

Perfect for me as a beginner