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Make a paper weaving
Make a paper weaving
Make a paper weaving

Make a paper weaving

Clare Youngs
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Most weaving is done with yarn or textiles, but you can get beautiful pieces by weaving with strips of paper.

In easy to follow illustrations, instructions and three downloadable templates of different designs, you’ll learn how to use strips of contrasting colours to create amazing geometric patterns.

Clare says, "These little mini works of art would look lovely framed and grouped together—or make small ones for cards and gift tags."

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Clare Young Folded Book Art Cover

Folded Book Art by Clare Youngs, published by CICO Books (£12.99)

Photography by Jo Henderson © CICO Books


Clare Youngs

Clare Youngs

Clare Youngs studied graphic design and has worked in packaging design, illustration and book jacket design. Her other books include Book Art, Mobile Art, Wall Art, Make Your Own Woodland Creatures, A Year in Crafts, Letter Art and Folk Art Needlecraft (all published by CICO Books). She is based in Broadstairs, Kent.

Instagram: @clareyoungs