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A bowl of colourful potato and cod Bangladeshi curry surrounded by other dishes, bread and spices.
A variety of colourful Bangladeshi spices in small cups, including mustard seed and paprika, with cinnamon sticks on the side.
Portrait of Dina Begum
Spoonfuls of colourful and aromatic spices.

Learn how to make Bangladeshi spice blends and curries

Dina Begum
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Try for free with Dina's Make a panch phoron spice blend course.

British-Bangladeshi food writer and cook Dina Begum teaches you how to make Bangladeshi spice blends and curries. 

Dina is passionate about food traditions and stories and wrote the Brick Lane cookbook which captures the energy and culinary fusion of the East End of London.

Through video tutorials and downloadable recipes you can print out, you'll learn how to make a traditional Panch Phoron, a fragrant, aromatic, five spice blend, a Maacher Jhol spice paste, with its spicy red chillies and a Spicy Sprinkle to top a curry. 

Once you've mastered creating the spice blends, you’ll learn how to cook a traditional Bangladeshi curry using each one.

Try Bangladeshi Maacher Jhol, a cod & potato curry, alongside Jambura Bhorta, a smoky grapefruit chutney, or Vegetable Niramisha: seasonal vegetables cooked in turmeric, cumin and Bangla five spice.

In Bangladesh, tea is an institution - often enjoyed in small teacups or glasses - so you’ll also learn how to blend and make your own traditional Bangladeshi spice tea, Dhood Cha.

Follow Dina’s step-by-step instructions in detailed videos and printable downloads to create some delicious dishes. With UNLIMITED ACCESS 24/7, you’ll be able to access the course whenever you need it. 

'Dina's modern Bangladeshi recipes are mouthwatering.' Sumayya Usmani, cookbook writer and broadcaster



Dina Begum

Dina Begum

Dina Begum is a British-Bangladeshi food writer and cook who is passionate about food traditions and stories. Her recipes have been featured in The TelegraphHuffington Post and Metro, for which she has written a series highlighting the delicious and underrepresented cuisine of Bangladesh. Dina's debut cookbook The Brick Lane Cookbook celebrates the diverse food culture of London’s iconic Brick Lane.