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Detail of a ceramic bowl wrapped in mesh being held by two hands.
A smoke-fired ceramic vase with small purple flowers.
Three unique smoke-fired ceramic bowls.
A smoke-fired ceramic pot with a money tree, against a pink background.
Top view of three unique smoke-fired ceramic bowls.

Learn to smoke-fire ceramics

Ranjit Dhaliwal
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Learn unusual techniques for smoke firing your ceramics using materials that can be found in and around your home.

Taught by studio potter Ranjit Dhaliwal from Studio Ranj, you'll learn how to prepare your pots for firing, the different techniques and firing effects, how to safely create your own alternative kiln, and smoke-fire multiple pots in one firing.

Ranjit shows you how to construct a DIY kiln in your back garden and which elements to use to add colour and pattern, such as seaweed and copper wire. 

This detailed video course is perfect for intermediate to advanced potters looking to experiment with alternative kiln-firing techniques that go beyond glazing, or for anyone looking to brush up on their techniques and knowledge of firing effects.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to create unique and bespoke finishes to your work. No one pot ever looks the same!

Please note that your pots will need to have been bisque fired to 900 degrees before using these alternative firing techniques.

Portrait of Ranjit Dhaliwal, a studio potter at Turning Earth London.

Ranjit Dhaliwal

Ranj is a studio potter based at Turning Earth London. He specialises in smoke-fired ceramics and smoke-fires in his home in East London.