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Close-up of a bubbling sourdough starter in a glass jar.
Sourdough bread cut in half on a wooden cutting board, next to spread.
Charles Artisan Bread bakers Karolis Siudikas in their Hackney bakery.

Make a sourdough starter

Charles Good Food
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Learn traditional sourdough starter making techniques with Karolis Siudikas from Charles Good Food in Hackney, London.

You'll learn how to make a sourdough starter from scratch using just flour and water with our 6-minute video and downloadable PDF guide, which details all the equipment, ingredients and measurements you'll need.

Once you've mastered your sourdough starter, enrol in Karolis' Bake a Sourdough Loaf course to bake your first loaf of bread. 

Suitable for beginner and novice bakers, or for anyone looking to brush up on their skills.

Once you've mastered the starter, progress onto our comprehensive Bake a sourdough loaf video course.