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Close-up of a variety of drawing pencils places head-up in a glass.
What you get from a kit and course: a sketchbook, and assortment of high-quality pencils, and eraser and a sharpener.
The beginnings of a pencil drawing of a banana.
Top view of drawing pad, whilst Jake Spicer draws using a pencil.
A pencil drawing of the profile of a person.

Learn how to draw

Jake Spicer
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Try for free with Jake's Learn how to draw by observation course sample. 

In this easy-to-follow video course, Jake Spicer will teach you fundamental drawing techniques and how to let go of your inhibitions and get drawing.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, buy the online course alone or with a kit of artist materials recommended by Jake delivered to your home.

For just £4.99, you'll get 45 minutes of video and additional downloadable material teaching you:

  • Blind contouring and continuous line drawing
  • How to understand and draw negative spaces
  • Working with tonal scale
  • Hatching and cross-hatching
  • How to create subtractive tonal drawings
  • How to bring all the exercises together to create a linear and tonal drawing

With UNLIMITED ACCESS 24/7, you’ll be able to access the course whenever you need it. 

For just £20 more (and free shipping!), you'll also receive the following artist materials, recommended by Jake Spicer and stocked by Cass Art, as well as access to the online course:

  • Seawhite Portrait Sketch Book 140gsm 92 Pages A4 (RRP: £6.50)
  • Derwent Soft Sketching Pencil Tin Set of 12 (RRP: £16.69)
  • Derwent Manual Twin Sharpener with Reservoir (RRP: £3.15)
  • Staedtler PVC Free Eraser Medium (RRP: £0.85)

Total RRP for materials: £27.19. 

This kit comes with FREE standard shipping to the UK (worldwide postage charges apply).


Jake Spicer in his studio drawing an image on a piece of paper clipped to his easel.

Jake Spicer

Jake Spicer is a painter and drawing tutor based in Brighton, UK where he is head tutor of the drawing organisation 'Draw'. Jake's teaching focuses on making drawing accessible to everybody. He writes instructional drawing books for Ilex Press which aim to help people engage more with drawing, whatever their level of ability.