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Learn how to draw: Course + Luxe Kit
Learn how to draw: Course + Luxe Kit
Learn how to draw: Course + Luxe Kit
Learn how to draw: Course + Luxe Kit

Learn how to draw: Course + Luxe Kit

Jake Spicer
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Learn to draw the fun and easy way, with expert step-by-step tuition, and a luxury starter drawing kit delivered to your door.

Learn how to draw with artist Jake Spicer. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this video course will teach you fundamental drawing techniques and how to let go of your inhibitions, so you can forever put pencil to paper with confidence.

With UNLIMITED ACCESS 24/7, you’ll be able to drop in and out of the course at your own pace, and refer back to it anytime. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Blind contouring and continuous line drawing
  • How to understand and draw negative spaces
  • Working with tonal scale
  • Hatching and cross-hatching
  • How to create subtractive tonal drawings
  • How to bring all the exercises together to create a linear and tonal drawing

Through 45 minutes of video tutorials and practical exercises, Jake makes it fun and easy for both adults and kids to learn how to draw at home.

With this course + kit, you'll quickly learn how to draw with accuracy and confidence. Meaning you can learn a valuable new skill and enjoy hours of fun, for less than a meal out.

What's in the 'luxe' kit?

The is the Luxe Kit and contains recommended art materials that you need to complete the course:

  • Seawhite Portrait Sketch Book 140gsm 92 Pages A4
  • Derwent Soft Sketching Pencil Tin Set of 12
  • Mobius and Ruppert Brass Barrell Shape Single Hole Sharpener
  • Winsor & Newton's Griffin Pencil Eraser
  • Yodomo tote bag

Try our free course taster

This course is ideal for beginners, and for anyone looking to improve their skills or increase their confidence. Why not try our free course taster: Learn how to draw by observationto help you decide if this is the right course for you.

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Making Made Easy with Yodomo

About this drawing course and luxe kit

How is the course taught?

Yodomo courses are taught by select instructors, who are experts in their field. Each course breaks down complex craft skills into easy-to-follow step by step guides, which combine video and photography.

How do I learn with Yodomo online courses?

Instructions on how to to redeem your online course will be provided inside the kit.

You can learn anytime, anywhere, on any device with Yodomo, simply by going to My Courses and logging into your account.

Can I gift this course and kit?

Yes, all the information your giftee needs is included in the kit.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

This course is perfect for those who have no idea how to start drawing as well as those who wish to brush up on their skills. Artist Jake Spicer believes that everyone can learn to draw, and he’ll show you just how easy it is to break down that barrier with this step-by-step video guide. You’ll learn techniques such including blind contouring, understanding negative space, and tonal scale, lending you all the skills you need in order to pursue your artistic journey.

Course curriculum

  • Meet Jake Spicer (Video: 1:26)
  • Course Outline - Downloadable PDF
  • Glossary of Terms - Downloadable PDF
  • Step 1 - Your Materials (Video: 2:06)
  • Step 2 - Blind Contour (Video: 4:09)
  • Step 3 - Continuous Line (Video: 4:34)
  • Step 4 - Negative Space (Video: 4:34)
  • Step 5 - A Simple Line Drawing (Video: 4:56)
  • Step 6 - Tonal Scale (Video 4:14)
  • Step 7 - Hatching & Cross-hatching (Video: 5:24)
  • Step 8 - Subtractive Tonal Drawing (Video: 6:12)
  • Step 9 - Line & Tone (Video: 10:05)

What do I need for this course?

What you’ll need:

  • Graphite pencils (ideally a range of different pencil grades)
  • Eraser, plastic with a sharp edge
  • Sharpener (to maintain your pencil at the sharpness you prefer)
  • Paper (ideally white cartridge paper)
  • Optional Drawing board (to secure paper onto)
  • Optional Bulldog clip (to secure your paper to the board)

Course preview

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Meet your instructor, artist Jake Spicer

Jake Spicer in his studio drawing an image on a piece of paper clipped to his easel.

Jake Spicer

Jake Spicer is a painter and drawing tutor based in Brighton, UK where he is head tutor of the drawing organisation 'Draw'. Jake's teaching focuses on making drawing accessible to everybody. He writes instructional drawing books for Ilex Press which aim to help people engage more with drawing, whatever their level of ability.