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Make a knotted rope mat

Make a knotted rope mat

Sophie Aschauer
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On sailing boats, reliable rope is essential. Anything less than perfect must be replaced, leaving an abundance of discarded rope in a vast range of colours. This surplus provides Austrian designer Sophie Aschauer with the perfect source material for upcycling into her intricate handwoven creations.

She has never had to buy any new material and works exclusively with rope that would otherwise be thrown away. Since the rope is designed for use inside and out, and work well as bathmats.

In easy to follow illustrations and instructions, this knotted rope mat pattern follows Sophie’s Morgan design, and uses what is traditionally known as a prolong knot — so named because the design can be prolonged by adding more and more rope until the desired result is achieved.

This project by Sophie Aschauer has been taken from Rebecca Proctor’s Upcycle: 24 Sustainable DIY Projects with kind permission of Laurence King Publishing.

Maker Sophie Aschauer in her home, surrounded by colourful rope.

Sophie Aschauer

Austrian designer Sophie Aschauer founded New York-based company SerpentSea in 2011, inspired by a book of sailor’s knots picked up on a sailing trip to Nantucket Island. Sophie was struck by the beauty and complexity of these traditional patterns and felt compelled to incorporate them into woven mats.