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A Middle Eastern feast, with a variety of colourful dishes and ornate floral arrangements placed across a table with a white tablecloth.
Rose and fig millefeuille dessert
Burrata and burnt oranges
Beer-roasted pork shoulder

Create a middle-eastern feast

Sabrina Ghayour
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Bestselling author of BazaarPersiana, Sirocco and Feasts, Sabrina Ghayour shows you how to create the ultimate middle-eastern feast.

Specialising in cooking up colourful, moreish dishes in abundant feasts, Sabrina combines fresh, vibrant ingredients to produce nourishing food that will leave everyone wanting more.

You’ll learn how to prepare the perfect menu for everything from impromptu gatherings to celebratory feasts; creating low-stress nibbles, a starter of burrata and burnt oranges with pistachios, mint and pomegranate, a main course of beer-roasted pork shoulder with plum sauce, and the show-stopping fig & rose millefeuille to finish the meal.

The course includes 9 video tutorials, including the three main recipes, and additional downloadable recipes from her bestselling book Feasts.

Sabrina gives you essential tips and tricks to get the most out of your ingredients and to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and maximum time with your guests.

"The kind of food I like to create is colourful, flavourful but doesn't really involve too much time in the kitchen but will give you that real 'wow' factor when serving it to guests"

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(Recipes from Feasts © Sabrina Ghayour and Octopus Publishing Group Limited)

Portrait of award-winning Persiana food writer Sabrina Ghayour.

Sabrina Ghayour

Sabrina Ghayour is an award-winning, bestselling cookery author. Her critically acclaimed debut cookbook Persiana has popularised Persian and Middle Eastern food around the world, making it accessible and more popular than ever. She writes regularly for magazines and newspapers and is a regular face on Saturday Kitchen, Sunday Brunch, Great British Menu and Celebrity Masterchef.