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A completed denim cushion next to a Hiut Denim canvas tote bag and Hiut denium fabric.
A completed denim cushion on a chair covered in soft furs, with a shelf containing books and plants above.
Barley Massey showing you how to sew using a sewing machine.
A piece of high quality denim from Hiut Denim.

Hiut Denim & Sew a cushion cover: Course + Kit

Barley Massey
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20% of each kit + course purchased will be donated to the labour behind the label charity, campaigning for garment workers' rights worldwide.

Learn how to make an envelope-style cushion cover with quality denim fabric from ethical jeans company Hiut Denim Co. and Barley Massey of Fabrications studio and shop.

With UNLIMITED ACCESS 24/7, you’ll be able to drop in and out of the course at your own pace. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Make and cut your own basic pattern
  • Make an informed choice on fabrics
  • Use a variety of stitching on a sewing machine
  • Understand how to seam and hem a cushion cover
  • Apply the proper techniques to add an appliqué patch
  • Create your very own custom-made cushion cover with quality denim fabric from Hiut Denim

Follow Barley’s step-by-step instructions along with informative videos and detailed images, taking the guesswork out of learning.

About Hiut Denim Co.

Huit Denim Co. is an ethical jeans brand based in Cardigan, Wales; founded by Clare and David Hieatt after a local jeans factory closed, to preserve the livelihoods and craft skills of the town's residents.

The fabric provided for this kit is a 12 oz organic denim, which Hiut Denim source from the ISKO mill in Turkey.

Hiut Denim Co. say"We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with Yodomo and give some of our organic fabric offcuts a new lease of life."

What's in the kit?

    The kit comes with:

    • Canvas tote bag from Hiut Denim 
    • A large piece of high-quality 12 oz organic denim fabric from Hiut Denim, approx 100cm x 40cm
    • Full access to the online Learn to sew a cushion cover course

    You'll need a 40x40cm cushion pad to complete your project. 

    This kit comes with FREE standard shipping to the UK (worldwide postage charges apply).

    New to sewing?

    To make this cushion cover you’ll need to know how to use a sewing machine. If you’re feeling a bit rusty then head to our Learn how to use a sewing machine course.

    Barley says, "I'm really excited to share the sewing skills I love with more people and bring a little bit of the Fabrications experience to you. I know how much joy sewing has brought to me. Learning to sew is the start of an adventure once you get into it."

    Barley Massey in her store Fabrications of Broadway Market in London.

    Barley Massey

    Barley set up Fabrications in 2000 on Broadway Market in Hackney, East London. Her focus has been on reviving traditional textile techniques, eco-design and upcycling. Fabrications is a mini department store of creativity and design, selling Barley's own creations, homewares, fashion and accessories. They supply all the tools and supplies to fuel other crafters and offer classes in sewing, textiles and crafts.