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Yodomo (You Do More) is a new home for online creative learning. Our mission is to create prosperity around the skills and techniques of talented and creative people. Our vision is to develop a community where creative skills are nurtured and valued, within a marketplace where courses, materials and products are bought and sold.

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Learn To Teach

Our East London based team is already working with individuals and partners to bring learners the best in creative learning. We are currently actively seeking talented creative tutors, so please get in touch if you have skills and techniques you'd like to share.

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Our Partners

We’re partnering with the best organisations to bring you great tutors. Contact us to find out how to become a Yodomo Partner.

“Here at Cass Art we sell all kinds of art supplies and we run a range of creative workshops in our stores and art spaces in the UK.

Our mission statement is ‘let's fill this town with artists’ and the great thing about Yodomo is that it helps us to do that by making creative learning easily accessible and by bringing what we do in-store to a broad audience online.”

Liesel Thomas, Head of Partnerships, Cass Art

"We want to find new ways to reach new audiences and extend beyond our immediate geographical reach so that people can learn remotely; whether in their home studios, whether in their shed in their garden or in other maker spaces by providing really high quality taught content.

Working with a high quality curated platform like Yodomo will enable us to do just this.”

Tallie Maughan, Founder and Creative Director, Turning Earth

Yodomo Thinking

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