Brew wine vinegar

with Cult Vinegar

You'll learn how to brew your own premium 'live' wine vinegar from wine and the mother culture.

Because the vinegar is not pasturised, it retains it's live bacteria, which is thought to help with arthritis, skin conditions and numerous gut conditions, live wine vinegar has surged in popularity in recent years.

After discovering wine vinegar whilst visiting a friend in Burgundy, Jonathan Brown founded Cult Ceramics and Cult Vinegar.

Your Instructor

Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown

Jonathan has loved food and wine since a young age. He is fascinated (or his wife would say obsessed) by fermenting and culturing food. From sourdough bread, to kimchi, to pickled artichokes, to making yoghurt in a mahogany Metchnikoff fermentation chest, to making vinegar from the dregs of wine and leftover cider.

In 2016, Jonathan founded Cult Ceramics and Cult Vinegar. Their first products include the Cult Ceramics Vinegar Vase - designed by Billy Lloyd & their range of small batch Cult Vinegars.

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