Q: What is Yodomo?

Yodomo is a platform where creative skills are truly nurtured and valued, and an emerging marketplace where courses, materials and products can be bought and sold. Our aim is to help creative upskillers get to the best quality and most relevant content more quickly, enabling them to develop and hone new skills and techniques.

Q: What does Yodomo mean?

Yodomo is derived from the words "You Do More"! Often people think it's a Japanese concept - which we rather like the idea of, but actually - we just made the word up ...

Q: What format are Yodomo Courses in?

Each Yodomo course is different, but most consist of around 80% video content, often with additional downloadable PDFs and other media. Please see each individual Course Description for more details.

Q: How do I become a Yodomo Tutor?

Tutors are carefully selected by the Yodomo team in conjunction with our partners and network. If you're interested in becoming a Yodomo tutor, please complete the brief survey online. We select tutors based on their professional experience and they are often already hosting offline workshops or teaching classes. We lever our network of makers, partners, publishers and arts organisations to find the best tutors in each field.

Q: Where is Yodomo based?

We are based in Dalston, East London but we are already working with people from all over the world.

Q: Who are the Yodomo team?

You can find out more about us on the About Us page.

Q: Why are Yodomo courses paid-for, when there is so much free tutorial content on the internet?

Yep, we get this one all the time. Yodomo courses are hand-picked and quality controlled. Many of our tutors are individual artists, makers and creators and we believe that they should earn revenue from the skills that they have honed and developed over the years. 70% of the fees paid for courses goes directly to the tutor. 30% of the fees come to Yodomo, which help us to develop new video content with individuals and partners, and to grow our community.

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