Claire Whelan

London based award-winning weaver Claire Whelan studied constructed textile design and now teaches the course at The Cass School of Art, Architecture & Design. Claire received the Clothworkers Foundation Award 2017/2018 in conjunction with Cockpit Arts and moved in the Deptford studios in July 2017.

Claire's entire range is gender-neutral, and her interest in colour and the psychological attachments that it provokes within the human mind drives her to find the perfect colour combinations. With a highly developed understanding of materials, dyeing and hand weaving techniques, Claire brings wonderfully rich combinations of pattern and colour to her art, and each piece she produces.

Products by Claire Whelan

Detail of the process of sewing a reversible tote bag on a sewing machine.

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Three patterned cushions stacked on top of each other on a chair.

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Two reversible tote bags in patterned denim, filled with yarn and knitting supplies placed on top of two chairs.

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