Hazel Gardiner

Hazel is a Hackney based floral artist whose work focuses on the synergy between flowers and colour, playing with shape and texture to create the unexpected. She produces innovative arrangements for events, retail spaces, editorials and more. With an experienced background in fashion production and styling, her abounding creativity and multi-faceted skills are brought together. An experienced teacher, previously working with the Princes Trust, she relishes sharing her daily inspiration through engaging workshops. Her passion and trademark use of mixed materials has led to work with celebrated clients including, Channel 4, Liberty, SpaceNK and Clerkenwell Design Week.

Group Bookings and Corporate Events by Hazel Gardiner

Creating bold, striking floral designs is what Hazel does best. Now, with Yodomo live workshops, she can pass on her techniques and skills to your team. Book with us for your corporate or group events and reap all the rewards of Yodomo's expertise and quality.

Hazel has previously led workshops facilitated and organised by Yodomo at SAMPLE Christmas Market by Hemingway Design.

Mindful and fulfilling, working with natural materials such as floral design can help support mental health and increase productivity whilst giving you a break from the screen. Contact us today to learn more about group bookings and Corporate events, including the benefits of engaging in creative activities, pricing and more.