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Julia Clarke

Julia Clarke creates sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces. She works with willow, both dried and living, with wire, steel, paper, and ceramic. Natural materials and environmental concerns are an important element of her work and the rhythm of weaving and using tactile materials is important to her process. She states that her work comes from a place of having to make, "I’ve always needed to make…be tactile, touch, play and create in 3D. I’ve tried to communicate what I need to say, even if I’m not always sure where that is coming from."

Courses by Julia Clarke


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An assortment of completed random weave baskets placed on a white table, all of which are white except for a small dark blue one.

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Past Live Events with Julia Clarke

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London, N1 0QH
Saturday 29 June 2019
12.00 – 3.00pm

In The Studio | Blog Post

Meet maker Julia Clarke with our video interview and Q&A, where we find out more about her sculpture practice and what inspired her to share her skills with Yodomo.