Teach with Yodomo

Yodomo is a new marketplace for online creative learning, designed to reinvent the way that people learn lifestyle skills and to create new revenue streams for skilled and talented creative instructors.

Our East London based team is already working with a number of individuals, businesses and institutions, including partnerships with Cass Art, Octopus Publishing and Turning Earth ceramics studios, to bring our community of learners the best in creative learning.

Yodomo is currently looking for talented artists, designers, makers and craftspeople who are keen to share their expertise and create revenue around their skills and techniques.

Be part of the Yodomo community:

  • Yodomo courses are handpicked and quality controlled. Many of our instructors are individual artists, makers and creators and we believe that they should earn revenue from the skills that they have honed and developed over the years.
  • Our aim is to make it easy for learners to access high quality courses online, and for talented people to share their knowledge with passionate individuals, whilst creating additional revenue for their skills.
  • Yodomo is a small team, with a global reach. Our team expertly plans and produces every Yodomo course, working closely with the tutors throughout the process.

What we’re looking for:

  • Talented artists, designers, makers and craftspeople who are looking to share their skills and techniques online.
  • Individual and distinctive style, to ensure that Yodomo continues to bring a high level of quality and uniqueness to our global audience.
  • Excellent communicators who are able to share their skills on camera, and ideally have some experience of teaching on or offline.

If you would like to share your expertise on Yodomo do please contact us to find out more.