Yusuf Osman

As the founder of leather goods label Yussico, Yusuf’s passion for making started whilst reading law at The London School of Economics. An avid workshop taker, he continued to explore his creative side whilst training to be a solicitor. He tried the gamut of crafts and discovered a passion for natural materials and a flair for working with his hands. Yusuf travelled England and the world to learn from the best craftspeople including leading fashion houses such as Hermes and Delvaux. What started as an all consuming hobby turned into a career in 2019 when Yusuf moved into his own studio at Cockpit Arts Deptford to pursue leather-working full-time. His work has been exhibited at the Walsall Leather Museum, he has taught leather-working to actor John Malkovich and magician Drummond Money-Coutts and he has worked with brands such as Estée Lauder and Jo Malone.

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