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An upcycled copper-pipe clothing rail with copper hangers and white t-shirts hanging from it.

Make a copper pipe clothing rail

Madelynn Furlong
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Follow simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations to make a copper-pipe clothing rail.

In just 8 steps, designer Madelynn Furlong shows you how to create this easy-to-make project, combining copper pipes and natural cotton rope to create simple yet elegant storage for clothing and textiles.

You can source used copper piping from scrapyards or in houses where heating or plumbing systems are being replaced to make this as eco-friendly as possible.

This project by Madelynn Furlong has been taken from Rebecca Proctor’s Upcycle: 24 Sustainable DIY Projects with kind permission of Laurence King Publishing.

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Madelynn Furlong

Focusing on minimalist designs and drawing inspiration from the natural world, Madelynn Furlong aims to simplify, while bringing elements from the outside, inside. The Minneapolis-based designer prefers to work with recycled materials, believing that this plays an important part in taking care of the world we live in and enriching the life we lead.