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Make a crab apple wreath: the finished product, laid next to some tools and a sprig of holly.

Make a crab apple wreath

Christiane Bellstedt Myers
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Take inspiration from Scandinavian traditions and bring the magic of hygge to your holiday celebrations with Christiane Bellstedt Myers’ Crab Apple Wreath.

Through simple step-by-step instructions and photographs, Christiane shows you how to make her traditional Nordic wreath with just four materials.

She says - “You may be lucky enough to have a small apple or crab apple tree in your garden; if not, try foraging for them the next time you are walking in the forest. I find the smallest ones last the longest and are very easy to thread onto the wire. Just be aware that birds love crab apples so you may decide to display this inside to stop them nibbling it!”

This project is part of our 24 Days of Advent series and is taken from Scandi Christmas by Christiane Bellstedt Myers, published by CICO Books (£12.99).

(Photography by Caroline Arber © CICO Books, from Scandi Christmas by Christiane Bellstedt Myers)

Christiane Bellstedt Myers

Christiane Bellstedt Myers

Brought up in rural Canada, Christiane Bellstedt Myers moved to the UK over two decades ago and started The Cozy Club, which invites people into her home to spend the day creating a seasonal item to take home. Chris has been featured in Country Living and Homes and Antiques, and currently has two books published. She is based in Buckinghamshire.