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Planning your creative online course

Planning your creative online course

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In this guide 'Planning your creative online course' you'll learn how to research and plan your online course, and ensure that it's enjoyable and informative.

The guide will cover:

  • How online courses work and learning management systems
  • Course validation: understand how to research your course and define your target audience
  • SEO: learn SEO best practice from how to describe your course, to how to reach your target audience
  • Planning your online course: understand how to divide your course into sections
  • Choosing your course format: decide the best format for your course, whether it’s video, photography or a hybrid of the two
  • Writing your script: you’ll learn how to create a script or text to illustrate each section
  • A downloadable PDF: this guide includes a downloadable PDF with templates and examples

This guide is designed for developing course content that could be hosted on the Yodomo platform (and its learning management system) specifically, but can be adapted to develop content for any platform or learning management system.

This guide is the first part of the three-part ‘How to create your own online course’ series. Once you have finished planning your course you can move onto learning about:

  • Shooting your creative online course
  • Editing and marketing your online course

These two courses consider DIY approaches to content creation and share some of the tricks of the trade from our team. We are also creating some guides on working with professional filmmakers and photographers for use after the pandemic.

To register your interest in our forthcoming courses please sign up on our Making a Living page and you will be alerted as these courses go live.

By the end of this guide you will have a clear understanding of online courses and how to plan your own online course.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
tessa solomons

Clear, precise step-by-step course.
Excellent suggestions for supporting apps and course hosting options

Jennie Caminada
Excellent course

Really amazing course, cannot believe it’s free! Taught me a lot. Would love to do the “editing” course, don’t mind paying for it, but can’t see it online yet. But highly recommend this and the “shooting your course” class!

Charmaine Maw

Planning your creative online course

Annabel Shaw

Enjoyed the course immensely

Sarah Holloway
Planning my Creative Online Course

I found this to be a very thorough and multi dimensional course, with a fantastic balance of mixed content presentation. This included text, imagery and videos, with references to other artists teaching in this way. It was a very user friendly presentation and broken down well through letting you know what % you had completed as you went along, encouraging a sense of perspective as well as achievement. Thank you Yodomo.