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How to make clove-spiked pomanders that smell like Christmas morning

Ready to up your sustainable-Christmas game? These heavenly-smelling pomanders created with oranges and cloves make gorgeous centrepieces for your dinner table and are so fun to make with three simple steps.

Seasoned maker and Yodomo instructor Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell gives instructions for this project that yields unique festive decorations that not only look beautiful but smell oh, so delicious. Place your creations in a bowl with some acorns for an impressive centrepiece that will get anyone in the holiday spirit. 

What you’ll need to make your clove-spiked pomanders:

  • Firm, fresh oranges
  • Cloves
  • Small knitting needle or cocktail stick (to make holes for the cloves)
  • Lino-cutting tool
  • Aquarelle (water-based) pencil or pen

Orange, cloves, lino-cutting tool, cocktail sticks and a pencil are needed for making clove-spiked pomanders

Step 1: Draw on the orange

Very lightly draw the lines where you want to insert the cloves.

Draw lines on the orange

Step 2: Make holes and insert cloves

Use the knitting needle or cocktail stick to make a small hole and insert a clove, and continue making holes 4mm apart and inserting cloves until the design is complete.

Make holes in the orange and add in cloves.

Step 3: Lino-cut some decorative lines

Use the lino-cutting tool to cut decorative lines. Once you're satisfied with the lino-cut decor, leave it to dry in a warm, airy place. They will shrink as the juice inside evaporates. Create them up to one month before Christmas so they have time to dry and harden up. 

Lino-cut the orange

Your finished clove-spiked pomander

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