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We believe that creative skills deserve to be valued. Introducing Yodomo - a new home for creative learning - where carefully selected tutors from around the world share well-crafted courses to discerning learners.

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Learn To Teach

We scout globally for talented artisans, designers, craftspeople and more, and help them to share their skills and techniques to new audiences through produced online video content.

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Our Partners

We’re partnering with the best organisations to bring you great tutors. Find out how to become a Yodomo Partner.

The Future Of Yodomo

We're developing new products to improve tutor and learner experiences. Our storyboard app will enable tutors to create professional and stylish online video courses, while our voice-controlled player will enable learners to remain hands-free.


Yodomo Thinking

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Wood Carving
The UK’s £340m ‘Make Do and Mend’ economy
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Moulding Clay
Can the UK revive its craftsmanship economy?
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Leather Stitch
Learning: the key to happiness?
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