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How to make a paper envelope like a gifting guru

We often buy gift vouchers, money, jewellery and small items to give as gifts but we don't know how to present them well. Here's the solution: this a handmade envelope will create a beautiful bespoke pouch for your flat-shaped gift, so that you'll be gift-wrapping small presents like a gifting guru in no time.

In this step-by-step tutorial, award-winning gift wrapper Jane Means will show you how to present your odd-shaped gifts in style with this versatile paper envelope. Thick paper works well for this, and it is a great way to use up remnants of paper too.

Two hands closing a gift envelope made with blue and silver wrapping paper

What you need in order to create your gifting paper envelope:

  • Thick paper i.e. wallpaper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Decoration or tag

Wrapping paper, scissors and ribbon laid out

Step 1: Cut and fold paper

Cut your paper into a square or oblong (portrait), depending on the size of your object, and place pattern-side down on a flat surface. Fold in the two vertical sides by approximately 1cm/½in, making sure they are straight, so the width of the paper is the same.

Placing socks in the middle of the wrapping paper to determine where to fold

Step 2: Fold corners

Fold in the top two corners to make a central point. This will become the envelope flap.

Folding the corners of the wrapping paper down to create a house shape


Step 3: Fold bottom edge

Next, fold in the bottom edge to form the envelope pocket.

Hands folding bottom edge of wrapping paper

Step 4: Fold and add tape

Fold the paper out flat again and add double-sided tape to the inner folds of the two vertical sides.

Adding double sided tape to the bottom of wrapping paper

Step 5: Fold bottom edge again

Fold the bottom edge in again to form the pocket shape, and stick in place.

Fold bottom edge of wrapping paper

Step 6: Place gift inside

Place the gift inside the pocket, then seal the central point of the top two corners with double-sided tape to form the flap.

Placing socks inside the gift envelope

Step 7: Add more tape and ribbon

Finally, add strips of double-sided tape to the flap and stick down. Add ribbon and any decorations/tags by tying them into a simple bow.
Closing the gift envelope
The finished paper gift envelope

Your completed paper gift envelope

Congratulations! You've now completed your paper gift envelope, and it looks fantastic. For more gift wrapping ideas, pick up a copy of Jane Means' book Giftwrapped to master present-giving for all occasions.

Now that you have the perfect wrapping technique, it's time to make some more and fill them with beautiful homemade gifts. Pick up a leather fob kit from Carréducker and create 6 stunning fobs with your own two hands, then slide each one into your gift envelope for a personalised present that will wow giftees.

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