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Make a Paper Weaving

Learn how to use strips of contrasting colours to create woven geometric patterned work of art on paper. 

Weaving is typically done with yarn or textiles, but the technique lends itself beautifully to paper. In this fun project, paper art guru Clare Youngs, the author of Folded Book Art from CICO Books, shows you how to turn pages from old magazines into colourful and striking geometric art.

Using simple tools from around the house and magazines or shop catalogues that are destined to be discarded, you'll be able to create all sorts of interesting patterns and shapes, perfect on their own or as a part of a bigger paper art project. Also great for kids, with adult supervision when using craft knives.

Four pieces of colourful woven paper against a concrete background

What you'll need to make a paper weaving:

  • Pages from magazines or retail catalogues (opt for solid backgrounds and colours)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Templates

Step 1

Start by cutting a rectangle of magazine paper measuring 16 x 8cm (6¼ x 3 1/8 inches).

Step 2

Using a craft knife and a ruler, cut slits every 5mm (1⁄8inches), starting 5mm (1⁄8inches) down from the top and finishing 5mm (1⁄8inches) up from the bottom.

Protect your work surface with a cutting mat as you do this.

Illustration showing craft knife cutting slits into paper

Step 3

In a different colour, cut 24 strips of paper in different colours, each measuring 12cm x 5mm (4¾ x 1⁄8inches).

Illustration of pink strips of paper

Step 4

The first strip comes up through the first slit and down through the last slit, so that the colour runs in one long strip.

Illustration of a single strip of pink paper into sliced blue paper

Step 5

Continue in this way, making sure that the woven strips sit against each other nicely until you have used all the other woven pieces.

Illustration of woven paper pattern

Congratulations! You've made a paper weaving.

Want to try a few others? Scroll down to find three downloadable templates for more paper weaving fun.

Completed paper weaving using yellow and grey paper

Paper weaving templates

Click on the paper weaving pattern below that you'd like to try next to access the corresponding downloadable PDF template. 

Pink and blue paper weaving



Completed this project? Share what you've made with us and our community on Instagram - #yodomomakes - we love to see your creations!

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