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Caring For Your Terrarium: Five Essential Things You Need To Know


Top Terrarium Care Tips from expert Emma Sibley

Terrariums do not need to be watered. However, this doesn't mean they don't need to be looked after! Emma from London Terrariums offers you some top tips will help keep your terrarium looking healthy and happy.

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Tip 1. Avoid sunlight and heat

Your terrarium needs to have access to lots of natural light, as photosynthesis is vital to the success of your terrarium. However, the terrarium needs to be kept away from any direct sun (including south facing windows) as this can burn and scorch your plants.

Terrariums also need to be kept away from heat extremes (including heated floors), as the plants cannot cope. 



Tip 2: Watering and ventilating your plant

As the plants photosynthesise, the heat and oxygen that is created form condensation on the inside of the glass. As long as you continue to see this moisture, you do not need to water your terrarium.

If plants look like they are drying out, remember to only introduce water as water vapour using a spray bottle - this will prevent the plants from being overwatered.

If you see too much condensation or large droplets appear in your terrarium, you will need to open the terrarium. Take the cork off for a couple of hours a day to let the terrarium dry out a bit (once a month is usually plenty).


Tip 3. Trimming your plants

Plants will continue to grow in the terrarium, and when they grow too big, can be trimmed with long scissors and pulled out with the long tweezers. 


Tip 4. Removing a plant

If a plant is wilting or dead, it can be removed with long tweezers.


Tip 5. Cleaning your terrarium

Give the inside of your terrarium a regular clean with a long sponge brush or attach kitchen towel to tweezers.

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