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Give Your Business a Boost in 2020

Kickstart the new year for your staff, clients or customers with creative making workshops 

Did you know, engaging creative experiences can help businesses achieve better results?

Studies show:

• 76% of people feel happier after engaging with a creative activity.

• Studies show that taking time for a hobby may actually be the key to increased creativity, memory and focus.

• People who often engage in a creative activity score 15-30% higher on performance rankings, and are more likely to come up with creative solutions to on-the-job problems.

Yodomo delivers creative workshops which help boost productivity, happiness and mood. We offer bespoke workshops for corporates and retailers, making it easy for your company, customers or clients to enjoy an exciting array of crafts, taught by independent makers. Try weaving, book-binding, terrarium building, printmaking and much more!

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Browse Yodomo workshop experiences now booking for 2020:

Make a notebook with Hanbury Press

Hanbury Press produces limited edition books and printed papers using traditional crafts such as hand-binding methods and letterpress printing.

In this workshop you'll make an artisanal notebook from scratch. You'll learn how to make a single-section notebook, choosing papers inspired by your surroundings.

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Make a knot necklace with Shoorah Shoorah

Sian McLachlan is a jewellery designer and founder of Shoorah Shoorah who creates bright and bold designs from rope and cord. She makes a design that raise a smile and make a statement.

In this workshop, you'll create your own rope knot necklace in your choice of colour way using simple knotting techniques.

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Lino-cutting with Rude Design

Rupert and Abie are Rude Design, the London based illustration, animation & product studio, who have worked with British Airways, Absolut, BBC and Veolia.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make a bespoke prints using lino-cutting techniques. You'll create your own linocut printing block inspired by your surroundings and use it to make multiple, single-colour A5 prints. 

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Make a candle with The London Refinery

Lucy Heale is the founder of natural scent company, The London Refinery who make products free from petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances 

In this workshop, you'll learn about how our sense of smell works and how fragrance affects our mood and emotions. You'll learn about fragrance families and what top, heart and base notes are, as well as how to blend essential oils to pour your own soy candle to take home.  

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Make a leather key fob with Carréducker

Carréducker are award-winning bespoke shoemakers, Deborah Carré and James Ducker.  

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make a leather key fob using the same techniques used in shoe-making.

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Make a basket with La Basketry

Tabara N'Diaye is the co-founder of La Basketry, a homeware brand which specialises in baskets designed in collaboration with a group of female artisans in her native Senegal.

In this workshop, you'll create your own small basket in your choice of colour way using simple weaving techniques.

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Make a terrarium with London Terrariums

Emma Sibley runs London Terrariums is a member of the British Cactus and Succulent Society.

In this workshop, you'll make your own terrarium eco-system and learn how to care for it. You'll select plants and materials to add to your glass jar and get to take it home and watch it grow.

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