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#KnitForMentalHealth – Gloves for a Good Cause

Every pair of gloves from KnitforMentalHealth sold contributes directly to mental health charities and the vital work they do.

Two hands wearing red knit wrist warmers making a heart shape.

Yodomo is honoured to be introducing beautiful handmade gloves from KnitForMentalHealth, founded by Jane George, in an effort to raise funds and awareness for mental health organisations across the UK.

In July of 2020, Jane and Anthony George lost their 19-year-old son Llŷr to mental health. As a way of coping with the shock and grief of this tragedy, and in support of her own mental wellbeing, Jane turned to knitting, an activity she enjoyed as a child. What started from small knitted objects that were gifted to visitors turned into a country-wide movement that seeks to raise funds for mental health.

Three pairs of wrist warmers in a semi-circle, surrounding yarn twisted into a heart shape, with the ball of yarn and knitting needles beneath.

When Jane started selling knitted goods in support of mental health charities, the response was overwhelming. Unable to keep up with the demand, her son Dr Alex George used his Instagram platform to round up those who wished to help. Soon, knitters, label designers, packaging makers, donations of yarn, needles and loving messages of support found their way to Jane, and the movement soared.

In tandem with Jane's efforts, after tireless campaigning, the Prime Minister has appointed Dr Alex George as Youth Mental Health Ambassador. Alex will use his clinical expertise and personal experience in order to work on improving mental health support for young people. Among his many responsibilities, he will be giving input on the issues uniquely faced by children and young people as well as helping to shape policy within schools.

Three pairs of wrist warmers on a white surface with a ball of yarn and knitting needles to the side.

Yodomo is supporting KnitforMentalHealth by providing a platform for selling these gloves online. With an army of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in mental health, at a time when each and every one of us is feeling the toll of the pandemic on our own wellbeing, every glove sold will contribute at least £11 for mental health charities selected by KnitForMentalHealth.

Made with love by volunteers from across the country, each pair features unique qualities and dons an "Our boy Llŷr" button in honour of Jane and Anthony's son. Purchase a pair for yourself and for your loved ones, and support this wonderful cause today.

You can also support the movement by purchasing a pair of gloves, following them on Instagram at @knitformentalhealth, giving directly to the cause in their crowdfunding campaign, or volunteer as a knitter by sending a message via Instagram.

When life is difficult, Samaritans are here – day or night, 365 days a year. You can call them for free on 116 123, email them at, or visit