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Make 2022 your most creative year yet

Aim for less screen time and more “me” time in 2022 and reap the benefits of getting creative. 

By now, we should all know the benefits of making with our hands: it revitalises the mind and reduces anxiety and stress, it helps us relax after working in front of a screen and it gives us a better understanding of how materials are used so that we’re more mindful of waste. When you engage in crafts, you can learn a new creative skill whilst stimulating your creativity so that even as you unwind, you’ll be supporting your mental wellbeing.

We've all had a difficult few months, so we deserve to focus on making the loads we've taken on lighter. And what better way to do that than to resolve to spend more time honing our creativity? For those curious about how to inject more mindful making into their life, we've gathered some of our favourite creative kits that will help jumpstart creativity. Whether you’re a veteran to crafty projects and need something new and exciting to dive into, or whether you want to dip your toes in to see whether it’s right for you, our independent instructors and makers offer the ideal kits and courses for all levels.

Clay and random weave planters

Make a clay and random weave planter

We love this kit because it's easy to get into, fun to personalise and creates a functional and unique planter that adds colourful character to any mantel or window sill. Created by artist Amy Louise Davis of Alou, this kit comes with step-by-step video instructions and acts as a fantastic introduction to both air-dry clay and random weave. Get acquainted with these techniques and create your very own objects using these endlessly applicable materials!

Polymer clay tealight holder and photo holder

Polymer clay tealight candle holder and photo holder kit

Another type of clay that proves to be a wonderful way to get started with creativity, this polymer clay tealight candle and photo holder set is easy and fun to make, and stimulates your imagination with all the other possibilities presented by these materials. Add some colour to your desk arrangement with these adorable knickknacks that you'll be proud to have made with your own two hands.

 Pom Pom Kit

Deluxe Pom Pom Kit

Who doesn't love fluffy oversized pom poms? This kit gives you all the tools and know-how to create satisfying, colourful pom poms so that you can discover just how fun and addictive this craft is. Best of all, it's sustainable, using minimal plastic and yarn that's made of 100% merino wool.

Flower headdress

Make a colourful flower headdress

Ever wanted to look like a fairy goddess floating about in her woodland kingdom? This dazzlingly colourful dried flower headdress kit comes with everything you need to make this come true. With video instructions by Lulujoelle, this project is perfect for festivals or fancy dress, or else just for sitting around feeling magical.

Large weaving kit

Large Weaving Kit

The tradition of weaving goes back many millennia. It was used for story-telling and the creation of both ornamental and practical artefacts, making this practice of particular historical significance. Revive the tradition with this all-inclusive kit that comes with sustainable wool from British mills, wood-burned loom and other tools, crafted and put together by textile artist Shiv of Shiv Textiles.

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