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The Yodomo Circular Hub at Hackney City Farm

Creative Reuse in the Heart of Hackney

Hackney City Farm view of wooden buildings

Have you heard? Yodomo has joined the fold at Hackney City Farm, setting up shop for the Hackney Creative Reuse Project’s first pick-up location.

Hackney City Farm has been a staple of the neighbourhood for over three decades. Located at the corner of Haggerston Park, off the bustling streets between Columbia Road and Broadway Market, it’s home to several educational initiatives and innovative projects in sustainability and wellbeing, not to mention tons of adorable farm animals.

We’ve taken up a space between Sol Share, a sustainable fishmonger, and Get Loose, a zero-waste organic shop, and we’ll soon be ready to open our doors to Hackney residents and visitors. Come by and see all the creative projects you can make using consumer surplus materials, sign up for our programme and take away some materials to make your masterpiece. Best of all, it’s free!

What’s it like on the Farm?

Farm animals can be found in pens and roaming the grounds, and its buildings house a flourishing community of creatives and sustainable enterprises. Kids and adults can access workshops on art, pottery, woodworking, psychotherapy and more, and Frizzante Cafe offers farm-to-fork deliciousness six days a week. Spend a sunny afternoon there, say hi to some friendly donkeys on your way to Columbia Road Flower Market, or relax in its picturesque gardens. 

Chicken standing on a haystack

A Brief History of Hackney City Farm

In 1984, the Hackney City Farm opened at its current location with a hundred-year lease from the Hackney Council. But before that, the area had a rich and varied history spanning over a century.

From the early 1800s until the late 1900s, the area has been the site of farmers and market gardeners, a brewery, furniture makers, button manufacturers, a road haulage company and more.

It wasn’t until 1982 that the idea of the Farm was conceived, inspired by the successful example set by Kentish Town City Farm. Originally located in Covent Garden, it has since grown into the thriving community we see today, offering a unique educational experience in the heart of Hackney.

We can’t wait to show you what we did with the place!

After spending days on end clearing out the room, moving around boxes and cleaning the space top-to-bottom, our little corner of Hackney is coming together nicely. To take full advantage of your visit, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to find out the exact dates we’ll be open, when you’ll be able to join as a member, and other important updates.

You'll need to become a Creative Reuse member to be able to take away free materials. Learn more and sign up to become a Creative Reuse member here.

Read the Hackney Creative Reuse Project’s FAQs here, and join the Making a Living community to connect with other Creative Reuse members.

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