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Working with Yodomo

Yodomo is working with UK businesses to close the loop on textile waste by helping them to redistribute unwanted reusable materials to the maker community. Its first circular hub, the Yodomo Circular Hub funded by the London Borough of Hackney, has already helped to divert tonnes of waste from landfill with two further circular hubs opening soon. 

Benefits to Businesses

The benefits of working with Yodomo include being able to support the circular economy by keeping textile 'waste' materials in use at their highest value, reducing commercial waste and storage costs, supporting creative micro-businesses and engaging communities in the reuse of materials.

Suppliers are able to receive invaluable data to feed into their Environment, Social and Governance reporting and get on the pathway to net-zero emissions. Yodomo also tracks its Creative Reuse Members with their ongoing projects so can also feedback data to businesses on the colourful stories of what happens to 'waste' once it has been reimagined creatively. 

We also work with businesses on longer-term strategies to reduce waste overall in their systems and to widen understanding of circular economy within their teams. 

Who we work with

Yodomo is a social venture and already working on surplus solutions with top interiors manufacturers and distributors in the UK, including high street retailers, interior designers and brands in finding reuse solutions for their textile waste. Case studies are available on request. 

Yodomo also works with organisations such as the V&A, HemingwayDesign, Clerkenwell Design Week, London Craft Week, Oxo Tower and Chelsea Harbour on live events around crafting and making, circular economy and reuse of materials. 

We are working with local authorities in building up our network of distribution hubs. 

Get in Touch 

Yodomo is a Registered Upper Tier Waste Broker (Registration CBDU426595) with the Environment Agency. Find out more about our story here. 

If you're currently looking for solutions for your own textiles waste (offcuts, surplus or deadstock) then do please get in touch for an initial conversation.