Winner 'Progress toward circularity' Award, Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

Our services

Yodomo's specialist textile reuse service collects surplus textiles from businesses, identifies and sorts into types, and redistributes these to the maker community, tracking their ongoing journey.

Keeping textile 'waste' materials in use reduces commercial waste and storage costs, supports creative micro-businesses and engages communities in the reuse of materials.

Our clients receive required data to feed into their Environment, Social and Governance reporting and helps put them on the pathway to Net Zero.

Yodomo tracks the ongoing journey of surplus materials through its Creative Reuse Members allowing feedback for businesses on the stories of what happens to 'waste' once it has been reimagined creatively.

If you're currently investigating your waste processes and would like to book an initial appointment please contact Rachel

Yodomo is a Registered Upper Tier Waste Broker (Registration CBDU426595) with the Environment Agency.