WINNER ‘Progress toward circularity’ Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

In the Studio with Julia Clarke


Julia Clarke is an artist who works with willow, cane, wire, paper and clay. She creates 3-dimensional abstract sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces, in addition to teaching and running workshops for children and adults.

We visited Julia at her home studio in North London to find out more about her practice and what inspired her to share her skills with Yodomo.

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What was your inspiration to start making?

A love of drawing at school got me interested in sculpture - and it went from there!


Can you tell us about your training?

After deciding I wanted to be a sculptor at 13, I completed an art foundation and gained a degree in Fine Art sculpture, followed by a PGCE and further basket making courses.


What do you love most about your work?

Transforming a material which is straight and brittle into something sculptural and strong, which you can still see through and into.




What inspired you to start teaching and sharing your skills?

I was inspired to teach whilst working with foundation students during my degree. I learnt that this private thing that I had always loved and enjoyed could be shared. By teaching, I can facilitate others to find the same joy in making.


What do you enjoy most about running workshops?

Sharing my skills, getting people to realise their love of making, and empowering them to find out something new about themselves. Often people surprise themselves!


Why do you think people should have a go?

Creating is not just a nice activity, it transforms your mood, thinking and can connect you to others and yourself. It is very empowering!


Thank you Julia! Try your hand at weaving with cane with Julia’s ‘Make a random weave basket’ course on Yodomo.