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Biophilia: Learn About the Benefits of Bringing Nature Indoors

Make a Household Jar Terrarium

Biophilia, as the name might suggest, involves human love and need to be around nature and other life. This concept advocates that the incorporating elements of nature in the design of space, both small-scale and city-wide, is beneficial to the wellbeing of occupants. More than just a passing fad, biophilia (or more technically, biophilic design) has been openly embraced in various types of spaces to overwhelmingly positive results. Reported benefits include better moods, improved productivity, reduced stress levels, less fatigue and more engagement, just to name a few.

Having a stressful week? Adding some lush greenery to your everyday scenery might just be the remedy. Now more than ever, countless individuals are spending long hours predominantly at a desk working towards a living wage. Modern life comes with unique stresses, and part of this stems from our displacement from the natural world. By bringing nature into domestic and office space, we create an effective way of countering the negative effects of this displacement.

While having a potted succulent on your desk is a good start, there are several other creative ways you can incorporate biophilia into your everyday life. A great idea is by bringing in some terrariums, which are self-sustaining ecosystems that brim with life. Other innovative ways to add some biophilic design into your life include putting potted plants in macrame hangers or creating a hanging kokedama.

For unique ways to add some nature to your space, take a look at our courses below.

Make a Household Jar Terrarium
Make a household jar terrarium

Make a simple macramé knot plant hanger
Make a simple macrame hanger

Make a spiral knot macramé plant hanger

Make a cyclamen kokedama
Make a cyclamen kokedama

Make a hanging flower arrangement

For even more inspiration on bringing some nature indoors, head to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, taking place 21-25 May.