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Yodomo Workshops at the London College of Fashion

On September 26, BA Menswear students at the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London was treated to the Yodomo experience, with a selection of workshops that gave them insight into a variety of traditional textile crafts.

London college of fashion sashiko workshop

Students had the option of attending workshops on Modern Embroidery with Rebeckah Kemi Apara of Embellished Talk, macramé techniques with By-Me Katie, basket weaving with Tabara B’Diaye of La Basketry and sashiko with Barley Massey from Fabrications.

London college of fashion embroidery workshop

Rebeckah taught students how to add a modern twist to the decorative art of embroidery, from transferring a design to splitting the thread to the proper ways of using tools.

London college of fashion embroidery workshop

Katie gave guidance on the art of macramé by showing students a variety of knotting techniques, including the spiral knot. She taught participants how to properly start and finish a wall hanging and provided colourful rope for each person to use.

London college of fashion macrame workshop

Tabara shared her skills in basket weaving by demonstrating the intricate ways to start a basket weaving project, different weaving techniques involved and lessons on the materials used.

London college of fashion basket-weaving workshop

Barley showed students how to use the hand-stitching technique of sashiko to adorn garments whilst reinforcing the fabrics. She talked through the history of sashiko and provided the materials for students to try out the techniques themselves.

London college of fashion sashiko workshop

The participants were able to try out new techniques with colourful materials and expert guidance. The techniques learned can be employed in future menswear projects, adding unique details to designs.

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