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Corporate Wellbeing

Yodomo can create workshops for the workplace for up to twenty-five team members, offering staff the opportunity to engage in a creative activity. These activities will improve wellbeing, stimulate the mind and reinforce a sense of team.

Exercising creative muscles through creative projects has long been cited as a way towards wellness. A recent study* into the link between creative activities and wellbeing revealed a 71% decrease in feelings of anxiety, a 73% fall in depression and 76% of participants said they felt happier.

*Guardian, Oct 17

Create purpose and productivity

A Yodomo workshop will also contribute to improved productivity in your team. Doing something purposeful that is enjoyable triggers the release of dopamine, which in turn stimulates the mesocortical pathway, the part of our brain responsible for planning, prioritising, motivation and responsibility.

Finally, working in a workshop environment reinforces a sense of community, which in turn helps the team to bond. Anthropological studies tell us that our hunter gatherer predecessors would spend 15 hours each week doing what was necessary to survive. The rest of the time was spent in groups learning new skills, sharing ideas and stories, forming a bond in their group or tribe.