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Hackney Creative Reuse Project


What is the Hackney Creative Reuse Project?

Launched in July 2022, the Hackney Creative Reuse Project was an initiative that connected Hackney businesses, makers and communities, finding innovative solutions to creatively reuse pre-consumer waste and surplus materials. With the help of the London Borough of Hackney, we were able to divert an incredible amount of perfectly good textiles from landfill and incineration, whilst sparking creativity in the residents of the borough.

This pilot project has since grown to new heights, with exciting new developments on the horizon. To find out more, see the Yodomo Circular Hubs page.

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How It Works

Want to take part? Here's what to expect as a project participant

Collect Free Materials in Hackney

We're working with local businesses to identify pre-consumer waste and surplus materials that could be used by makers, diverting them from landfills or incineration. These materials will be available to collect for FREE from collection points in Hackney, the first of which is Hackney City Farm.


Get Making Via Our Workshops

We'll provide online courses as well as in-person workshops, to share skills and help you get the most out of your materials. Experienced makers are welcome to use the materials in other creative ways. The more reuse ideas, the merrier!


Let Us Know How It Went

We'll ask you to complete a short survey once you've used your materials or returned them back to us. This will allow us to grow and develop the project. You can then collect your next set of FREE materials. And so the cycle continues!


Frequently Asked Questions

Find more detailed information about how the project works here

What is the Hackney Creative Reuse Project?


The Hackney Creative Reuse Project is a Yodomo project that launched with initial support from London Borough of Hackney.

The project connects local businesses with the well-established local maker community that is foundational to the history and development of Hackney.

To find out about our vision, our partners, and how it all began, read our blog announcing the project.


Do I need to be based in Hackney to take part?


We want to engage as many Hackney residents as possible with the concept of reusing materials, but you don’t have to be based in Hackney to participate. That said, because this is a Hackney-specific project, you’ll have to come to Hackney, where our collection points are located, in order to pick up materials.


What do I need to do to participate?


To participate, all you need to do is become a member. Anyone over 18 based in the UK can become a member, and it’s completely free to do. We just ask that you follow a few rules around materials collection and that you answer a few questions in order for us to track the impact of our project. You can read our full T&Cs here

You can also get involved as a Hackney-based maker or business. To find out more, get in touch at


How much does it cost?


Anyone over 18 based in the UK can become a member, and it’s completely free to do. Members can visit the Yodomo Circular Hub located at Hackney City Farm and collect free and low-cost pre-consumer surplus materials. While we specialise in textile waste, we occasionally receive other types of materials. It’s always a lucky dip when you visit!


How do I get the materials?


We have a materials collection point at Hackney City Farm. Plan your visit here. Please sign up as a member first, then come to the collection point to select your materials. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange the delivery of materials. You can arrange for a courier or someone else to collect materials on your behalf.


Interested in volunteering?


We need to support with the sorting and redistribution of textiles and we're currently developing a volunteers scheme. If you're passionate about textile waste, circular economy and sustainability and want to volunteer then do please complete this short form and we will be in touch soon.


What is the circular economy?


A circular economy is "a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible". To find out more, read our article about reuse materials and the circular economy.


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