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Reuse Story: Seraphina Neville

Colourful, blocky collages made from scrap fabric by Seraphina Neville is an incredible way to reuse unwanted textiles.


Seraphina is an abstract artist working mainly with collage and screen printing. She had come in a couple of times looking for interesting textured textiles for her collages.

Seraphina had been exploring ways to bring more texture and depth to her work, so when she discovered the hub it felt like the perfect opportunity to start experimenting more.

Seraphina says, I try to use found or off-cut materials in my work as much as possible - so the idea of the hub re-using fabric which would otherwise go to waste really aligned with this!

The free 'scraps' Seraphina used has also given her the freedom to test many different techniques without the same pressure that comes with using expensive new materials. She has been trying a wide range of adhesives, backing materials and cutting techniques to work out how to integrate the fabric with the way she already works with paper.

Geometric collage made using fabrics, staged with a bottle of dried flowers

The work Seraphina made so far combines paper and fabric to make collages, but she looks forward to trying more work with fabric as the main material this year.

See just some of the works she has created using materials from the hub below - including reworking denim onto canvas. We’re looking to work with Seraphina this year on some collage workshops so do stay tuned for those.

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