WINNER ‘Progress toward circularity’ Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

Vandens Karta Ensemble and Reuse Yarn for The Cathedral

Vandens Karta Ensemble is a collective of actors and makers who take stage production to the next level with their use of unwanted yarn.

Margherita Deri holding bundles of yarn

“WE ARE ACTORS AND MAKERS”, explains Margherita Deri when she described the creativity behind this incredible theatre set (pictured above), made in part by reusing salvaged materials from the Yodomo Circular Hub.

Last September Yodomo were kindly donated some huge bags of yarn. Some of this was used in workshops by Fabrications, Peju Obasa and Hackney Hooker, while the rest went to Yodomo members, including Margherita Deri. Having visited the hub in November, Margherita explained she wanted to use them as part of their set that was being created by Vandens Karta Ensemble.

Sometimes there really is delayed gratification when we see the results of what is made with materials we pass on. Their play is described as “clowning, karaoke, movement and live choral music collide in THE CATHEDRAL, a hysterical and haunting ode to the joys and traumas of womanhood.”

The photographs below by performing arts photographer Giulia Ferrando are absolutely stunning and demonstrate the incredible work that was done to create their theatre set.

Reimagining these yarns into this theatre set is such a stunning example of the possibilities of creative reuse. Credits due to the others in this incredible team - Helene Madsen Smed, Virginia Ruspini, Ami Okumura Jones and Lily Sinko.

Click on the images below to see details of the finished project, made expertly with reuse yarn.


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