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Find time for creativity in 2021

"Finding time for creativity will give you respite from worries." (Guardian, Jan 2020) 

Rope necklace materials laid out, embroidery thread, rope and electric tape.

"Drawing, singing, writing, knitting… lose yourself in something creative to find inner calm," says Sharon Walker in her article for The Guardian this month. And she's not the only one. Dr Radha Modgil from BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks shared her top five tips on how to stay mentally and emotionally well during the coronavirus lockdown, with creativity cited as one of those five key things to consider.

At Yodomo, we're all about nurturing that creativity for the sake of wellbeing, so we're glad to hear that experts share our sentiments. We wrote about the link between mental health and craft, and we aim to provide projects that will give you the space to recalibrate or take your mind off worries.

To start off your 2021 with some creativity, and to stave off boredom and despair, try your hands at making a rope necklace, learning how to draw, creating a "pajaki" Polish chandelier, mastering crochet, or brewing your own vinegar

Cult vinegar making set

Trying to spend a little less right now? We also have our selection of free courses, along with free projects from both Yodomo instructors and our publishing partners.

Is there something creative you'd like to learn but that you don't see on Yodomo? Let us know, and we'll put it on our list of courses and kits to add.