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How to make a crab apple wreath in three steps

Take inspiration from Scandinavian traditions and bring the magic of hygge to your holiday celebrations with this festive crab apple wreath.

Originally published in Scandi Christmas by Christiane Bellstedt Myers from CICO Books, this colourful spin on a Christmas wreath brightens up any space and is incredibly satisfying to make. Surprise someone with a handmade wreath, or make it together with loved ones for a fun holiday activity.

“You may be lucky enough to have a small apple or crab apple tree in your garden; if not, try foraging for them the next time you are walking in the forest. I find the smallest ones last the longest and are very easy to thread onto the wire. Just be aware that birds love crab apples so you may decide to display this inside to stop them nibbling it!” – Christiane Bellstedt Myers, maker and author

Crab apple wreath displayed beneath a wooden mantle

What you'll need to make your crab apple wreath:

  • About 1 yd/1 m florist’s wire
  • Crab apples
  • Holly sprig
  • Lemon juice
  • Scissors

Step 1: The wire wreath

Decide how large you want your wire wreath to be, work out the circumference, and cut a piece of wire to double that length. Fold in half and shape into a rough circle to make sure it is the right size.

Cut florist wire shaped into a circle

Step 2: Threading the crab apples

Start threading crab apples onto the wire: push the two cut ends into the first crab apple and thread it along the wire. Continue adding crab apples along the wire, leaving a loop of wire at one end.

Threading crab apples on to florist wire

Step 3: Securing the wreath

Keep threading the apples until the ring is full, then twist the two cut ends of the wire around the looped end to secure. Shape the wreath into a circle and add some holly sprigs at the top, securing them with short pieces of wire. In order for the wreath to remain fresh for a long period of time, it is a good idea to place some drops of lemon juice on the apples where they have been pricked.

Crab apple wreath, completed, next to scissors and holly sprig

And there you have it: a Christmas wreath in three easy steps that will make your home cosy and festive. Looking for more creative holiday ideas? Pick up a copy of Scandi Christmas by Christiane Bellstedt Myers available on Yodomo. For other creative ideas to adorn your home, see what kits and courses we have in our Home Living collection.

Photography by Caroline Arber © CICO Books