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Make Terrazzo Eggs: Step-By-Step Guide

Create the perfect speckled spring table decorations or Easter gifts for your loved ones. 

Terrazzo is a handsome material made of chips of marble, quartz, granite and other materials that are bound together in a cement or polymer. Beautifully textured and offering unique shimmering patterns, terrazzo is popular amongst artists, designers, and architects alike, with its uses expanding to everything from floors and tiles to countertops, and now, eggs.

In this project, you'll learn how to make a decorative nest full of these smooth, colourful eggs, and you'll get to experiment by using terrazzo techniques. A fun project taken from Hazel Oliver's book Eco-Resin Crafts, this creative guide will give your Easter that wow factor. And as the founder of sustainable design shop Badger & Birch, Hazel knows wow factor.

six speckled terrazzo eggs on a white cloth in a bowl

Tools and materials you'll need to make your own Terrazzo Eggs:

  • Approximately 4 eggs
  • Pin
  • Mixing bowl/cup
  • Masking tape
  • Egg cup/egg box
  • Cooking oil
  • 150g eco-resin powder
  • 60g liquid polymer
  • Stirrer/spatula
  • Pigment—no more than 4g (optional)
  • 1–2 handfuls terrazzo chips (optional)
  • Sanding equipment
  • Finishing wax
  • Paper towel

Step one

First, you will need to empty your eggs carefully by blowing out the contents. Pierce a small hole in each end of the egg with a pin. Hold the egg over a bowl or container, and blow through it to remove the white and yolk.

Emptying egg contents out into a bowl

Step two

Carefully wash out the egg shells to remove any leftover egg white and yolk, and allow them to dry thoroughly. In the larger end of the egg, use the pin to make the hole a little wider as you will need to be able to pour your eco resin into it.

Hands holding an egg with a hole pierced at the top.

Step three

Using a small piece of masking tape, cover up the hole at the narrower end of the egg—this is so the eco resin does not pour straight through. Prop your eggs
in an egg cup or egg box with the larger ends facing upward and the narrower taped ends facing downward. Pour a teaspoon of cooking oil into each egg shell and swirl it around to cover the inside. Pour out and discard any excess oil.

Eggs in a carton as a hand places tape over the tops to cover punctured holes

Step four

Mix your eco resin with your pigment colour, add any terrazzo chips you are using, and stir well. Both marbling and terrazzo techniques work well with this project. This mixture will make approximately four eco-resin eggs, depending on how big your eggs are.

Pouring resin into a cup, on a table with eggs in a carton and a glass bowl with a wooden stick

Step five

Slowly pour the mixture into your egg shells, filling them right to the top. Gently tap each one to remove any air bubbles and to help the mixture settle into the egg. Leave to fully set.

Pouring resin into egg

Step six

Once set, peel off each egg shell to reveal your egg. This can be quite time consuming and fiddly. If there are any stubborn pieces that will not peel from your egg, you can use the sanding process to help remove them.

Peeling egg off of set resin egg

Step seven

Wet sand to expose the terrazzo patterning and finish the surface of your eggs. While sanding, ensure you are turning and shaping each egg so that it does not lose its shape. After the first sand, check the egg’s surface, and fill in any air bubbles or imperfections with a little extra eco-resin mixture. If you want your egg to stand up, use the sandpaper to slightly flatten the larger end of the egg. Clean away any residue, and leave the eggs to fully dry.

Sanding finished terrazzo egg

Step eight

Finish your eggs with your oil or wax, and buff with a paper towel.

Wiping terrazzo egg


You can use different egg types to get an interesting variation in sizes. Experiment with duck or quail eggs.

Push the end of a piece of twine into your egg while it is setting to create a hanging egg decoration.

What's next?

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step guide to making terrazzo eggs! We'd love to see the results. Share your terrazzo eggs on Instagram and tag or hashtag #yodomomakes and we'll share it with our creative community.

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Eco-Resin Crafts: 30 Hand-crafted Projects for the Home

Eco-Resin Crafts by Hazel Oliver CICO Books, £14.99). Photography by Georgia de Lotz © CICO Books

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