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Watch: How to make a sourdough starter with Karolis Siudikas

Learn the secret to the perfect sourdough starter with professional baker Karolis Siudikas.

In this easy to follow video guide, you'll learn the step-by-step sourdough starter making process.

Suitable for beginners and novice bakers, or for anyone looking to brush up on their baking skills at home.

Once you’ve made your starter, continue on the full ‘Bake a sourdough loaf’ course.

What you'll need:


  • 1 x 8oz cup white flour (225g)
  • 1 x 8oz cup wholemeal flour (225g)
  • 1 x 8oz cup rye flour (225g)
  • Plus 2 x 8oz cups of flour (450g) for the feed (depending on the type of sourdough you would like, either white, wholemeal or rye or a combination)
  • 4 x 8oz cups (1 litre) of lukewarm or cold water (1 of the 8oz cups/250ml is for the feed)


  • 1 x 8oz cup
  • 1 x whisk
  • 2 x large mixing bowls/containers with a lid (the bowl needs to be big enough to allow the mixture to expand)

Watch: Make a sourdough starter

Next: Progress onto Karolis' full 'Bake a sourdough loaf' course and purchase a kit of equipment

For just £4.99, Through detailed video you'll learn the step-by step sourdough making process.

Karolis will show you how to mix the dough by hand using basic equipment and domestic appliances, and you will learn how the dough should feel when it’s ready to fold, ferment and bake.

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Bake a sourdough loaf course + kit: Get all equipment you need delivered

The kit contains:

  • 8.5" banneton proofing basket made from 100% natural rattan. Lightweight, extremely durable and easy to clean.
  • Fabric liner
  • Bread fork
  • Brush

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