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Give the gift of making for Christmas 2020

Opt for these sustainable gifts that support wellbeing, ideal no matter what the situation will be this holiday.

Make a macramé Christmas bauble: Course + Kit

Be ready for all circumstances this Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, many people are starting to think about buying gifts for friends and family. But unlike previous years, Christmas 2020 comes with all sorts of terms and conditions. We’re hoping that the second lockdown means the curve of the pandemic is flattened enough so that we can celebrate with each other in person, but we have to plan for all eventualities. 

As the possibility of Christmas in lockdown looms, many are looking towards technological solutions to save the holidays. For the sake of protecting one another, we might not be able to gather under one roof, but there are many thoughtful presents we can give one another that injects some semblance of togetherness into our festivities. Our suggestion: give the gift of making. In a year like this one, the mental boost a creative activity can offer is something we could all use. And best of all, it’s an activity that you can do together, even if it’s over a video call. 

Give the gift of making and give the gift of mindfulness

The benefits of arts and crafts have been cited by experts in studies upon study. Included in the evidence is Arts Council England’s research publication that says:

“For health and wellbeing, some of the themes identified include the positive impact of the arts upon mental health, not least depression and anxiety; the value of multiple artforms in treating dementia and other key challenges in healthy ageing; improvements in social wellbeing, including reduced loneliness and isolation; and an emerging understanding of the value of ‘arts on prescription’, particularly for outcomes such as increases in individuals’ confidence and self-efficacy.” 

In this time of extreme isolation, arts and crafts can offer respite from the humdrum of waiting out the loneliness. It can keep hands busy and award makers support for their wellbeing. So whilst no one would ever say no to a Christmas hamper filled with festive treats, a creative kit that teaches a new skill and gets the hands making is the perfect accompaniment to minced pies and Christmas pudding.

On our list of favourites include textile artist Heather Orr’s Crochet and Knitting masterclasses, where you’ll receive kits filled to the brim with sustainable yarns and wools, the tools you need to master techniques, and many more materials to play with. You’ll also get access to quality videos that show you step-by-step how to pursue these crafts. 

Also on our list of textile arts is By-Me Katie’s popular macrame kits, where you can create macrame plant hangers in a selection of stunning colours. Textiles not your thing? Gift a leathercraft masterclass, or a simpler leather kit for those who just want to dip their toes in. For the green thumb in your life, Emma Sibley’s terrariums offer a bit of nature to any interior, adding to the mindfulness that making can offer. And for those who enjoy slower processes with big rewards, opt for this kombucha making kit by BooChi or this vinegar making set by Cult Vinegar.

Give the gift of making and send a beautifully curated creative kit from our talented makers. No matter who they are, we’ve got the kit that will allow them to tap into their creativity and help them make the most of this holiday season, no matter what the circumstances.

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