WINNER ‘Progress toward circularity’ Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

Life Lessons at the Barbican

The Life Lessons Festival was a thought-led wellbeing festival taking place early February 2020 which delivered a weekend of workshops and meaningful talks from some of the most highly regarded thinkers of today.

Michelle Drew, artisan, helping workshop participant with lampshade making
Photography by Paul Fuller

In support of its mission to promote wellbeing as a larger project of sustainability and community building, Yodomo partnered with Life Lessons to offer drop-in creative demonstrations and workshops on mindful making in the Barbican’s Conservatory Space.

Throughout the weekend, the festival offered inspiring talks and stimulating hands-on craft activities where participants were invited to join in the process of bookbinding, carving a wooden spoon by hand, creating a lampshade, weaving a basket, illustrating, and making fashion accessories from recycled leather.

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