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From leathercraft to macrame, the Yodomo Dome was a popular attraction at MAKEMORE, a maker and craft festival that took place in Victoria Park, East London.

Katie Mitchell teaching macrame in the Yodomo Dome

Yodomo hosted a range of crafting activities in our Yodomo Dome at the inaugural MAKEMORE Festival in Victoria Park, London from 23rd — 27th August 2018. 

MAKEMORE Festival was an event for makers and doers taking place across five days and was filled with hands-on creativity to celebrate the maker movement and London's maker entrepreneurs. 

The festival centred makers, doers and dreamers, and was orgnanised in response to the growing number of people who are interested in learning about and participating in the maker movement.

As a part of the celebration, Yodomo hosted a number of hands-on demos including leathercraft, Pajaki (Paper Chandeliers), Upcycling, Bookbinding, Charcoal Drawing, Macrame, and Alternative Kiln Techniques.