WINNER ‘Progress toward circularity’ Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023

Urban Village Fete

Yodomo's Creative Reuse Station at Urban Village Fete in May of 2022 helped participants rethink waste by repairing items they already own.

Visible mending embroidery

For this perennial festival taking place next to the O2 on the Greenwich Peninsula, we were invited by Hemingway Design to bring our range of bookable workshops that taught sustainable skills for taking steps towards circular crafting. 

The full programme of workshops and demos included sessions for mending your way to a more sustainable wardrobe and a darning workshop for repairing your own jumper. Hands-on sessions teaching practical skills to breathe new life into well-worn denim clothes was offered in the form of a visible mending workshop and learning the art of leather crafting through the use of offcuts to create handsome new key fobs were popular with participants of all ages.

The focus on sustainability and reuse is a part of Yodomo's commitment to rethink "waste" creatively, and to help transition away from the waste created in the textiles industry. The Creative Reuse Station was a part of the larger Hackney Creative Reuse Project, through which we researched and implemented practical ways to reduce textile waste.