Yodomo is committed to sustainability and is currently working on an extended Sustainability Procurement Policy with support from ReLondon which will be published in Spring 2022. 

Our mission, which is legally embedded into our Articles is: 

"to increase wellbeing and understanding of use and re-use of materials by facilitating wider participation in making and crafts."

Currently, our policy is to ask all our makers to ensure, where possible, that their products are created with sustainably sourced materials and production processes. We also ask that packaging is professional but not excessive in terms of non-recyclable materials. 

Increasingly our makers are working with reused materials and this is being actively encouraged, and we are really interested to hear from makers working in sustainable crafts. 

In 2022 we will be leading the Hackney Creative Reuse Project, a circular economy initiative to reduce landfill but getting commercial waste into the hands of the creative community. 

In the Making a Living book, a publication from the Yodomo team, we have advice from:

- Katie Treggiden, author of Wasted with advice on reuse of materials 

- Sustainable Fashion Collective, with advice on supply chain 

- Craft Scotland, with a guide to becoming more sustainably conscious in your practice 

Advice and peer-to-peer advice is also available to makers in The Making a Living Programme™.

Yodomo also asks makers to complete a new product form before new products go on Yodomo so we can check it meets our sustainability credentials. 

If you are a customer and you are concerned about any of the materials being used in a kit or have another sustainability question then do please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.