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The alphabet produced from hand-carved stamps.

Make DIY alphabet stamps

Stephen Fowler
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A rubber-stamp alphabet is an essential part of any stamp artist’s box of tricks. Although easy to acquire (at least one will be found in every stationery or art store), contemporary sets are a little disappointing in their cut and limited choice of size and font. So why not make your own?

In simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations, artist and illustrator Stephen Fowler explains how you can create rubber DIY alphabet stamps, perfect for personalizing gifts this Christmas.

This course is the next instalment in our Stamp Making series. To understand the techniques needed to make the DIY alphabet rubber stamps, enrol in our *free* step-by-step How to Carve a Rubber Stamp course.

The DIY alphabet stamps course show the approach used by the rubber-stamp calligrapher David Mekelburg.

This project has been taken from Stephen Fowler's book Rubber Stamping: Get Creative with Stamps, Rollers and Other Printmaking Techniques with kind permission of Laurence King Publishing.

Artist and illustrator Stephen Fowler in his studio, in the process of creating stamps with a spread of tools and materials in front of him.

Stephen Fowler

Stephen Fowler is an artist and Illustrator, specializing in hands-on, DIY printmaking. His work is held and exhibited in galleries and museum collections across the UK, Europe and North America, such as New York's White Columns, Bristol's Arnolfini, the V&A and Tate Modern, both in London.