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Interview with Em Nicholson, creator of For She Loved Wool

Embroidery artist Em Nicholson shares her motivation for creating For She Loved Wool, what's so great about needle punching and reminds us that above, we should remember to have fun. Read on discover why it's a craft you should get into.

Curious about how you can get started with this satisfyingly addiction craft? Peruse all the gorgeous designs and punch needle kits available from For She Loved Wool here.

Hand doing punch needling

How did you get into punch needle embroidery?

I discovered this embroidery technique by chance after spotting a post on social media and I was immediately hooked. I spent hours teaching myself and perfecting my technique using numerous fabrics, hoops and yarn until I found the right combinations. I found that with other crafts, I tended to get bored easily if the finished products took too long to make, but with needle punching you can see results in a couple of hours.   

Punch needle embroidery of scenery
Photography by Hannah Larkin

What inspired you to start For She Loved Wool?

I found needle punching very relaxing but also relatively easy to learn. Unfortunately, when I started needle punching, I found it very difficult to find punch needle supplies or kits, so in July 2019 I decided to open my shop to offer just that. Not only do I try and offer unique designs but I also aim to include quality yet affordable supplies.

punch needling leaf

Where do you find inspiration?

I draw inspirations from various sources of everyday life around me as well as from social media, which helps me stay tuned to what people are interested in.

embroidery kit

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I see myself continuing to create kits for all the different punch needles out there. I am also working on a selection of punch needle pillow kits. I think I will keep exploring and experimenting with new materials, textures and techniques.

punch needle work of a plant

What is some advice you have for aspiring makers?

Enjoy the process, take it easy and don’t overthink it!  There are many tutorials, kits and resources  out there to help you get started.  Take it at your own pace, accept mistakes and experiment with different yarns and textures but, most of all, have fun. Remember - Rome wasn’t built in a day!

embroidery punch needle kit

Discover Em's fantastic array of designs and kits and get started with punch needle embroidery today.